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Open Bolt Indicator or OBI and ECI or Empty Chamber Indicators are mandatory for all firearms on the rifle and pistol ranges. This includes all formal matches and events and all casual shooting.

These indicators can be of your own design or can be one such as those that may be purchased at club meetings.

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If you need to get the gate code you will need to contact Ed Krasny, Membership Secretary at 734-971-5077.

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Attention All Members!

  • The new forum is up and operational. To get an account click here to register. See the directions elsewhere on this page.
  • If you get your newsletter via US Mail or email and are having problems or not receiving it, contact 
  • There are guidelines for getting items published in the newsletter or on the website. You can download the guidelines on the newsletter page. The email address for submitting information or Photos is Please update your address books.
  • Please DO NOT leave spent brass laying around our ranges. There are brooms and dustpans and containers to place your spent brass in at each range. Unless you bring your mom with you to clean up after you, please plan on doing it yourself.
  • We have tons of great WSC gear for sale at club meetings! Come out and get your WSC gear before it's all gone! Show your club pride by purchasing your WSC gear today!  To purchase WSC Merchandise contact James at 734-461-2357 or attend any of the club meetings.

REMEMBER!!! Any of the ranges may be closed at any time to allow repairs or mowing. Please show some courtesy to the members that have taken time from their busy schedule to help make this a better club for everyone.


It has been brought to the attention of the Range Officers that there are members shooting on the pistol range that are using target frames that are too short and that the rounds fired are not impacting the berm, but are ricocheting over the top of the berm. It is your responsibility to make sure the rounds you fire are impacting the berm. It is suggested that you bring your own target stand 1x2's and cardboard with you when you come out to shoot. The clubs will NOT supply 1x2's and cardboard for target stands.

When shooting on the rifle range DO NOT fire from the rifle hut or benches onto a target that is not directly in front of you. This is called crossfiring and the result may be a projectile not hitting the designated impact area and leaving the club grounds. Anyone observed cross firing will be subject to board disciplinary action..


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